Anita Corbin on Hull and the Visible Girls

“Hull completely and whole-heartedly embraced the Visible Girls! I felt personally so very, very welcomed by Artlink and I still feel connected on a personal level to the people I met and worked with during the show’s install. It was so much more than a simple ‘arrive, set up, show, and leave’.

The ideal kick-off venue for our three-year tour!

The welcome we received from the city of Hull itself also reflected how open and friendly it’s people are.  Hull made me want to interact with the show visitors and get their feedback – to feel the energy and excitement over the images being shown together – old and new in tandem – for the first time ever!  The great unveiling of the two sets of images hung together in one space, was always going to be an unknown quantity. For me as an artist, this Artlink opening was the moment of truth – the pictures would get the real reaction, the public’s response.

What would Hull think of Visible Girls: Revisited?

Well…I was thrilled! I didn’t realise how generous and how much fun the people of Hull would be – so enthused about the show, spreading the word, taking their mates, their kids, their mums, their dads, their grandmas!  The buzz was tangible everywhere I went. If I mentioned the show, whoever I was talking to either had seen it, had heard of it, were planning to go or knew someone who had been. The show felt totally on the city’s radar and that for me was absolutely, fantastically thrilling!

There can only ever be one first time – and that means that Hull, as launch venue for this Revisited show –  will forever be a significant part of the project. Such a vibrant non-conformist city was the perfect match for Visible Girls: Revisited. For the show to have been so well celebrated was a humbling experience. Humbling too, was being part of the City of Culture celebrations. Photographing and interviewing the citizens of Hull out and about on the streets and clubs also felt like we were putting down roots to the show, so it’s presence can hopefully flourish there for many moons to come.

I will be back!”

Thanks To Our Main Funders

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