Broken Paving

From 7 July – 31 August, the Spotlight will be hosting ‘Broken Paving’, an exhibition by local artist, Clarissa Dixon.

Clarissa Dixon produces abstract work that is focused on materials and process with an emphasis on texture and surface. She uses a mixture of printmaking and painting methods that are informed by the photographs that she takes in Hull. These manifest in close observations of textures and patterns on pavements and buildings, time based wear and damage, abandoned items, and  found objects. She isolates details in the photographs by picking out patterns, shapes, and colours and enlarging, simplifying, or exaggerating them.

She creates collograph prints, experimenting with how both the ink and the impression of the plate show on the paper and textural qualities that are emphasised by this.

She also experiments with paint; working with the texture, bulk and viscosity of the material. Often she uses tools to scrape and drag emulsion or acrylic mixed with sand, ashes, and/or cement across the surface.



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