Celebrating Making It Home As You Go Along

In June, artist Julia Vogl wrapped up her long term social practice residency across three extra care homes in Hull. We had a chat with her about the project and here’s what she had to say:

“On Wednesday June 12th, I had the pleasure of celebrating the end of MAKING IT HOME AS YOU GO ALONG project with riverside residents, volunteers and community members.

It was personally very meaningful that residents of all three homes came to Cecil Gardens to see the unveiling of the final piece ‘Magic Carpet’. The work is a tapestry that really reflects the variety of moods and emotions that residents imparted to me throughout the workshops. Each colour is open to interpretation, and the range of colours illustrates the variety of feelings you can have in a moment.

One resident came up to me to tell me the lightbox- (that sits adjacent to the tapestry,) brings her joy everyday, and the light and words, and colours have helped her with her depression and anxiety and is so pleased it is in her home.

Another resident shared that the works really lift the space, and add an extra quality to the lounge. Another just thought they were neat, and so unexpected, but in a good way.

A few residents who came to many of my workshops asked when I would be back, and that they really miss the art class. In many ways this was the highest compliment that they gained something from the activity and community space I and volunteers cultivated each week . It emphasise the impact that these sorts of regular art programming can have on individuals, and communities.  I am not sure if classes will continue- but I will be back to Hull in November for a conference on Cultural Transformations – What’s Next? at the University of Hull November 19-21.

A final note, in the end I created 7 unique works, three of which used methods I had never taken on before, and really pushed me and my practice. I learned a great deal this year, and I am proud of the final works, because I think they really are meaningful, fun, and representational in form and function for residents.

I just want to say a final thank you to Artlink staff, the volunteers from Absolutely Cultured, and all the incredible residents who took part in the workshops, these works would not have been possible without your contributions- to a sincere THANK YOU.”


Images: Jerome Whittingham, Julia Vogl

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