Skeg on his Spring Bank Art mural

Artlink has been working with communities on and around Hull’s Spring Bank since 2018 and we have been working on the year long Spring Bank Art programme since May 2019. Feedback from local people included wanting a mural to be developed along the lines of which had been seen in other parts of the city since 2017. Artlink commissioned Skeg to develop the mural for Spring Bank and here he talks about his experience.

“Working with Artlink during the summer months of 2019 was a really refreshing experience for me. The project helped me further my skills in terms of working with the public in a creative manner. Initially, I applied for the job through a general application process and from there, I had an interview with Magda Moses which went really well. I then met Shaz Darley, the lead artist for True Colours of Spring Bank, and became part of the team that made up Spring Bank Art. 

This started with conversations about the logistics and planning of the consultations, workshops, meetings, design work and the final painting of the mural. I started by carrying out public consultations and workshops – collecting information from the people of Spring Bank to find out what the public thought of Spring Bank and what positive changes they would like to see. I also wanted to learn what people wanted to see in a mural down Spring Bank.

The information that was collected meant I could start designing the mural. To do this, I visually interpreted the words I received.  Then, I showed members of the public 6 designs, which they fed back their ideas on. This led to the decision process of painting the mural itself — a combination of the six designs. Throughout the project I was experienced engagement through creativity and this has benefited my personal journey as an artist and my practice massively. I now have more confidence and understanding in working with the public through art.”

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