The Homeless Archive: Building a Creative History of Homelessness

This is a new Artlink Project. Artist Vanessa Cardui will work every week with some of the service users of two local homelessness organisations, the Hull Homeless Community Project, and Westbourne House, over a six month period, sharing experience and building a creative history of homelessness. The project will result in an exhibition at Artlink in 2019, which will also involve the Museum of Homelessness.

Artist Info: Vanessa Cardui is a participatory artist who is interested in archives and how we deal with the past. She is interested in the things we keep, both as a society and as individuals, the taxonomies we create to organise them, and unpicking the professional practices of archivists and museum workers and reclaiming them. She is particularly interested in how we keep and access narratives of resistance and protest – whether that’s conscious and organised protest, or simply personal resistance to an expected norm. She is currently exploring cataloguing as a creative practice – methods for arranging, organising, and annotating the things we keep to remember our pasts.

Funded by The Hudgell Trust and Arts Council England

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