Rachel Welford at the Jean Bishop Centre

We’ve asked artist Rachel Welford to give us some insight into her process and progress on the Jean Bishop Centre. Rachel is developing work based on the four elements with a twist- it’s all about how they connect to Hull and the history of this place. Here’s what she has to say about what is influencing her work so far:

“I’ve been walking and looking- taking in what’s there and noticing what’s catching my eye and why. Then, I think about how these things will inspire, feed, and be translated into artworks.

For the ‘Water’ element, it’s the stripes and colours of the estuary- the greens of the salt marsh, the greys and blues of the water and sky. It’s also the wiggly lines of water rivulets that snake across the mudflats, the geometry of the docks, and the slits between the steps- especially the way the projected light comes through them.

For the ‘Earth’ element, it’s the grasses- I see rhythms in the abstract lines, dots, and dashes they create.

Here is a selection of source images that are being mulled over in my mind and gradually translated into artworks:


For the ‘Air’ element, I’m making silk banners that will gently move in the air currents of the reception area. I’ve been testing how they might work- what size they need to be and what type of fabric to use.”

I’ve also been making prints from the grasses. I don’t think I’ve quite achieved what I’m after yet, but here’s a selection of my experiments…


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