Creative Connections: Rediscovering Creativity

We recently had the opportunity to talk to Claire Potter,  one of the participants in the Creative Connections programme. She gave us some feedback about what it has been like to create work with Sarah  Johnson, the artist who is leading Creative Connections at Sight Support on Beverley Road.

“The art project has helped me get back into being creative, after having a big gap of not doing any art related activity whatsoever. I have enjoyed making things since being little, but when I was at school I was told I can’t really go very far in art due to having no vision, so stopped making things until I began to go to the art group this year. At first I was nervous and cautious about my work, but I am slowly getting my confidence back to use my imagination through attending regularly. I almost feel like a different person since meeting Sarah and the team, my view of what I can do has changed completely, to the point where I am now planning on using my art skills as part of my business, it won’t be easy, but I will enjoy challenging and pushing myself, I know that without the project it would have been impossible for me to even think of using my creativity in my business.”

These images by Jerome Whittingham captured a few moments from the joint workshop between Creative Connections participants from Sight Support, Danny’s Dream and Victoria House.

Creative Connections has been made possible by a grant from Postcode Community Trust, a grant-giving charity funded entirely by players of People’s Postcode Lottery.


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