Square Peg Bursary 2018: Recipient Announced

Square Peg Bursary Announcement

Artlink is pleased to announce the chosen artist for the Square Peg Bursary, Skye Shadowlight.

We are very much looking forward to working with Skye to produce a body of new work which will be shown in the Artlink Gallery from the 7th July 2018 to the 28th September 2018. Opening night 5th July 2018.

“We had a great selection of applications for the Square Peg bursary and it was tough for the judges to select just one artist, highlighting the need for opportunities for disabled artists based in the North of England. We’re excited though to be working with Skye Shadowlight to develop her ideas for her upcoming solo show at Artlink Hull this summer.” Kenn Taylor Creative Director Artlink Hull.

Square Peg is Artlink Hull’s wide-ranging disability and diversity arts programme, commissioned and supported by Hull 2017 UK City of Culture.

Artist Information

Living and working in West Yorkshire Skye Shadowlight is an emerging artist who has recently graduated from Leeds School of Art, Architecture and Design where she received a BA First Class Honours degree in Fine Art.

Artist Statement

I was conceived in a trailer house in LA Porte Texas. That’s only the beginning of my story. I left home at thirteen to find a better life, somewhere that I belonged. I hitchhiked and hopped freight trains from city to city and travelled all over the world trying to escape from my past and find my place in life.

I wandered through life feeling completely misunderstood until I found art. I can finally share myself with others by exposing humanity through my work and making connections in a world that I once found harsh and closed off to me.

I like to think of myself as a modern day storyteller and I tell these stories through various mediums. Found objects, sculpture, room sized installation, film and performance are all part of the way that I expose us and start to build a place where we can be.

Upon winning the bursary Skye stated:
I have always been a square peg. I struggled at school and found it very hard to make any friends or even understand how people interacted in a way to make connections like that. I struggled as a young adult with addiction and self medicating for the PTSD, severe anxiety disorder, panic disorder and attention deficit disorder that I am diagnosed with.
It was a difficult decision to apply for this bursary for disabled artists as I usually always put non-disabled on these forms. I don’t feel like I am disabled, I feel like it’s the system that’s disabled. The great British Sculptor, Tony Heaton, OBE once said to me. “We do not getting paid for being disabled, we get compensated for living in a disabling world”. I am so proud to have been selected and to be working with such great people at Artlink Hull.”

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About Artlink

Artlink Hull supports the creation and exploration of art with, in, and about communities. In particular, we work with individuals and communities experiencing challenges to participation in order to increase the diversity of voices in the arts. We do this multiple ways including art projects, exhibitions, commissions, events, learning programmes, and forums, working with a range of communities. Established since 1982, Artlink Hull has continually been involved in the development of participatory and socially-engaged art practices and remains a key organisation in the Humber region working in these fields.


This project is funded by Spirit of 2012 through Hull 2017 UK City of Culture and supported by Shape Arts.

Image: Copyright H. Gregg, 2015


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