On the 10th of June we, at Artlink took part in The Suffragette Centenary Processions 2018 March. Marking the one hundred years that women have the vote.

With the hot sun brightening our way, hearts and feet pounded the streets from Park Lane to The Houses of Parliament, giving generations of women the chance to display their unification. By singing, dancing, chanting or by simply just coming together. With our banners held high, women took to the streets of London demonstrating the colours green, white and purple in remembrance of the women who helped us to gain the vote, giving women their voice.

As we walked in the same footsteps as the brave women before us, the air was filled with a sense of pride and uplifting. To be part of an historical moment in history gives all the participants to chance to pass down the how important it was and still is that us women have our say.

I again encourage you to focus your energies and time towards a more positive action like VOTING because if you don’t have YOUR say and raise YOUR voice, nothing is going to change.

Thanks To Our Main Funders

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